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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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Danko Jones knows he's still on top

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A LITTLE WIDER AND HIS MOUTH COULD HOUSE A SMALL VILLAGE. Danko Jones will display his regular swank at Call the Office on Saturday night.

By Shawn Despres

Gazette Staff

He's been called everything from the rock and roll Messiah to Mr. Entertainment. He's Danko Jones, frontman for the Toronto band which shares his name and he is ready to rock your world.

Since forming in 1996, the trio has been praised by both fans and music critics alike for their legendary live performances. Known for their onstage confidence and ass shaking, the band has earned the reputation of being an incredible live band.

"Live shows are one of the few things that I live for. It's like this thing that enters you and takes you away," Jones states. "What we do on stage is a natural thing. We just get up and entertain. It doesn't say that in our contract, but it is an unwritten rule for us.

"In order to get people's attention you have to entertain them," Jones continues. "I want people to like this band. We've been together this long because it seems to be working. If things don't work I'll stop."

When asked if Danko Jones is the best live band in Canada, Jones responds with a simple "Yes."

Coming along on their current tour is new drummer Gavin Brown. Jones and Brown met a couple of years ago when Brown played with Toronto band Phleg Camp. He then played with Big Sugar before joining the Danko Jones camp. "Gavin is working out great. He is one of my favorite drummers and I love playing with him."

The band has recently finished recording four new songs and hopes to release an album sometime in the near future. Jones says the album will be released by whomever makes the best offer.

"We've got nothing against major labels. They've been around forever and all of my favourite bands have been on majors. So if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for us."

Danko Jones originally never planned to release any material. As a band choosing to buck current trends they decided not to do the conventional things people expected from them. They eventually changed their minds and released an EP and 7" on Sonic Unyon.

Jones, however, does not believe the current state of music is suffering from innovation. "People need to listen to more types of music. The state of music is really boring if you only listen to one type of music," Jones explains. "There is all kinds of exciting music out there. A lot of dance and hip hop music is fucking amazing. Just because radio is boring doesn't mean that music is."

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