Volume 92, Issue 89

Wednesday, March 18, 1999


The Concrete Beat

Blur's risk with 13 truns into personal success

Philly five revives The Roots of hip hop

Vivaldi revitalized for its audience

Danko Jones knows he's still on top

Ralston Saul paves way for individuality

Comedy group Laughs

Ripley's version of Welsh animal music

Celebrity sightings

Celebrity sightings

Michael Longstaff/Gazette

The city was shaken, not stirred this week when James Bond was spotted speeding away from photographers near campus. Word has it Austin Powers was also passing through town and 007 saw the quiet town of London as the perfect opportunity to quietly dispose of his nemesis. Powerful rumours tell of a cold spell in Bond's boudoir ever since Powers came on the scene. Some say this is actually just a normal guy in a really cool car, but he has denied the allegations. The last celebrity sighting will go appropriately unconfirmed.

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