Volume 92, Issue 89

Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Editorial Board 1998-99

More than words...

Editorial Cartoon

More than words...

Seldom noticed, the bottom of this page lists countless names.

These people make up The Gazette and are responsible for the product which you have seen throughout the year. The font size isn't very big, neither is the recognition, but without these people there would not be a daily paper.

Many Gazette staff will have trouble explaining what it is which draws them to dedicate some or most of their free time to contributing to Western's daily student newspaper, but it most definitely isn't the material benefits. Some enter our office out of a desire to break into the field of journalism, some come through the doors just for something a little different and some to have fun.

Whatever the reason may be, these people are owed a huge debt of gratitude. It's hard to ask someone to take their time away from their school work to write or edit something as time consuming and massive in scope as The Gazette but these people do and it's difficult to describe the gratification any of these people feel.

Attempting to inform, entertain and investigate for the sole purpose of disseminating information to the Western community is an entirely selfless act which deserves applause. These people don't ask for thanks, they don't ask for compliments, they don't ask for recognition, but they most definitely deserve it.

Thank you to every single person who has had their name attached to something in print this year. You deserve it.

This year, however, is not special nor unique. In the 92-year history of this paper, The Gazette has relied solely on its volunteers for content. These volunteers are not given any benefits. Sometimes a "thank you" is forgotten in the midst of a hectic day, but not intentionally. There is nothing binding someone to stay in a windowless office, typing on a near-antique computer except the atmosphere, the people in the office and the personal fulfillment of seeing your name appear in print the next day.

This, for many, is enough.

However, some don't even get that pleasure, but still deserve thanks and recognition. The full-time staff in the composing and advertising departments of The Gazette are the behind-the-scenes people who keep things running smoothly. If a compliment comes it is usually to the editorial department but in terms of the layout of the paper, credit is owed to the composing staff. Without advertising, The Gazette would not be a daily paper and support on the financial end is due to the advertising department.

No one who works for this paper asks for special recognition – but they sure deserve it.

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