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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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Teaching excellence

By Jennifer Gabriel
Gazette Staff

The award of excellence in undergraduate teaching was presented to four Western professors yesterday.

The awards were presented by Western's alumni association, the University Students' Council and the Bank of Nova Scotia.

"We see the need to recognize excellence for teaching," said Valorie Crooks, awards commissioner for the USC.

Crooks explained each professor was nominated for their work and effort by their students and then reviewed by a USC member. Each professor was evaluated on their ability to promote teaching and encourage participation on the part of their students.

Recipients included faculty of law professor Mitchell McInnes, David Stanford, a statistics professor who specializes in operations research and sociology professor Jerry White.

Sonia Halpern, a professor in the centre for women's studies, became the first female recipient of the award. "This is overwhelming and I feel very honoured for being nominated," she said.

Crooks said female professors had been nominated for the award in the past, although none had ever won – until now.

"There are no winners or losers when it comes to the awards," said Nick Iozzo, VP-education for the USC. All the nominated professors were acknowledged at the awards ceremony.

"We weren't looking to make a quota," said Iozzo, regarding Halpern's achievement.

Crooks shared Iozzo's sentiment. "The award was given to professors who show their interest and capability to get their students involved, not on their gender."

McInnes said he thought everyone nominated for the award had one thing in common – they all share the same ambition to keep learning interesting and interactive methods of teaching.

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