Volume 92, Issue 89

Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Voicing diverse ideas a necessity

Exhibition lacking coverage

Look beyond first two chapters

Get to know a sister

Recycling the real issue, not hurt feelings

Drink milk, hate life

Would not change a thing

A valuable life lesson well-learned

Journalistic integrity with a dash of silliness

The last word

Voicing diverse ideas a necessity

It's time to put a fork in it because this year is done.

After a year of being in the middle of debate as the Opinions editor at The Gazette, I feel I have learned a great deal about myself, our school and the weird way people tend to think.

This section has seen everything from dead squirrels with no tails to a couple of very serious debates on homosexuality. I may not have agreed with all of the sentiments expressed by students on our campus, but I quickly learned to respect another person's opinion. More importantly, I learned to understand what freedom of speech was really about and the importance of an open dialogue. Despite what the disclaimer says on the bottom of the page, I don't think I ever shied away from publishing a letter and I think the paper and the university community is a better place for it.

There are a group of particular topics which were addressed this year in this section that really stand out in my mind. The flood of letters from people supporting Orientation Week was inspiring and I hope it helped the cause. I was extremely proud of all the parties involved for finding a solution to maintain a great tradition at Western.

The other topic which got the readership writing was courtesy of the extreme right wing at the university and was fragmented into two pieces. Earlier, people raised concerns with the USC supporting a gay, lesbian and bisexual Coming Out Week. Rather than pass off the arguments as ignorance, I think it contributed to the campus being more aware of how diverse people really are at Western.

I also want to add here how I always found it amusing when people wrote in to tell someone else that their thoughts did not belong in this forum and they need to become a little more "open-minded." People really do need to look in the mirror sometimes.

And then there was the Bible debate. It kind of took a life of its own, but I think a few people missed the point of Warren Flood's original piece – all he ever said was the Bible has contradictions in it and therefore, it could not be used to support an argument.

My time has come in this section and I hope something productive has come out of this section for the readers. This is one experience I'll always remember. Whether it was trying to work on a 1987 Mac or trying to figure put how to appropriately use the term "Crackwhore Spice," there has always been a challenge.

Until next year – it's been real.

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