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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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Recycling the real issue, not hurt feelings

Re: Dubious award an embarrassment, March 26

To the Editor:

The award given to Ivey for their recycling record shows how sad it is when an important issue becomes mired in the politics of image. Rather than accepting responsibility and focusing on the real issue, the parties involved seem to be more worried about defecting blame than doing something about what earned them the charge to begin with.

True, the award might focus the blame too much to Ivey, when we all should take responsibility and clean up our acts. And I agree, the award incident should not be looked at as a chance for all of us to have a laugh at biz "snobs," or pick on professional students, because while Ivey's average was much worse than the average for the school, Western as a whole has a dismal record.

That being said, whatever the consequences of the actions taken by Mr. Creighton might be, it does not absolve Ivey HBAs of their neglect and assuming the data is correct, they have no reason to cry victim. Stacey Sheehy may be a "kind, caring and a compassionate" person, as Domenico Magisano tells us, but I don't see how that matters.

While she and the rest of the HBAs may feel embarrassed and "humiliated" (and they should), they must take responsibility. It was they who were not responsible from the start and can only look to themselves for fault, not Mr. Creighton.

Mr. Magisano might clamour that this issue is about the ongoing attacks on professional students by the "snobbish" USC, but I think the pollution of our environment is a bigger issue than whatever his feuds may be. As well, the means employed by Mr. Creighton were not underhanded, but a direct action to create awareness to an issue which has become too urgent to be put through the murderously slow process of bureaucracy.

Unfortunately, apathy towards the environment has forced many who care and diligently champion for this cause no recourse but to create some scene no one can ignore. If we, the student body and our various representatives had properly addressed this issue and done something significant about it before, there would be no need for such action. However, as the record shows, we have done too little so far.

I am concerned about our environment and this is the real issue, not whether someone's feelings were hurt or an image was tarnished. The Western student body has shown what it can do when we stand together for a common cause, like Orientation Week. I only hope we can see that the environment is also an issue worthy of our attention and we can work together to give Western an image as one of the most environmentally aware schools.

Domenic Salotti
Political Science/Sociology III

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