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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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Drink milk, hate life

By Warren Flood
Gazette Staff

Does milk do the body good? Not according to Robert "Notmilkman" Cohen, who claims milk is not only responsible for poor health, but also bad hair days, failing economies and war in the Middle East.

Mr. Notmilkman, quite impressed with himself, presented his findings to the Western community Tuesday as if he was the first to show a direct correlation between milk and allergies, heart disease, cancer, etc..

Truth is, already there are a multitude of studies suggest milk is detrimental and many more claiming the opposite. Trying to convince others by adding to the already huge pile of conflicting scientific data is futile, especially when posited as ineffectively as Mr. Notmilkman did. Instead, why not appeal to common sense?

Adult cows don't drink milk, so why would humans? Cats don't nurse off pigs and dogs don't nurse off horses, so why would humans suckle cows?

No other mammal drinks milk once it is weaned, which happens at an early age. Renin and lactase, the enzymes necessary to break down and digest milk, are practically gone by the age of three in most humans. Why continue to consume what our bodies cannot use?

What about calcium? We are told without milk we will not grow big and strong. Oxen are big and strong, yet they do not drink milk! They get their calcium from grains and grass. Humans ingest more than enough calcium from green vegetables, fruits and raw nuts.

If common sense doesn't convince, perhaps experience will. Don't eat any diary products for one week, then have a great, big, refreshing ice-cold glass of milk. How does your stomach feel? Those pangs and that gas are not coincidental.

Like smokers, most milk-drinkers will not quit, even when confronted with the health risks. Common sense loses again!

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