Volume 92, Issue 89

Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Voicing diverse ideas a necessity

Exhibition lacking coverage

Look beyond first two chapters

Get to know a sister

Recycling the real issue, not hurt feelings

Drink milk, hate life

Would not change a thing

A valuable life lesson well-learned

Journalistic integrity with a dash of silliness

The last word

Would not change a thing

I never had trouble getting to sleep at night before this year.

This may be an odd statement to describe my tenure as Editor-in-chief of Canada's largest student newspaper, but one I believe to be a fitting summary. I didn't have a nine to five job and work did not stop when I left the office in the early hours of the morning.

I can't say I've ever done anything before in my life to which I have dedicated so much of myself, yet I have never felt such an enormous feeling of gratification as when the paper was put to bed each night or as I reflect on a year gone by.

I have absolutely no regrets except for the fact the past three years with The Gazette have gone by so fast. I will never find myself looking back on my years here regretting what has happened through the course of volume 92 and the two preceding it or the decisions which have been made. I will only look back with fondness and will always remember the debt eternally owed to the people who have graced the office on the second floor of the University Community Centre, as well as to the paper itself. I am who I am today because of a bunch of ink splashed on newsprint and the people who have made that happen.

Even looking back on the friction which has transpired with the University Students' Council, I still have no regrets whatsoever, because I know in my heart everything done this year was for you – the people who pick up the paper everyday or whenever time allows.

Integrity, morals, objectivity. You won't find anywhere on this campus which treasures these concepts more than in Room 263 of the UCC.

For everyone who has ever come into my office and questioned me on those three words or not agreed with what they've seen in their paper that morning, I'd like to thank you. You have demonstrated to me you care enough about The Gazette to take the time to voice your opinion.

I can recount what I have done this year, yet that would be taking credit where credit is not due. Everyone who has volunteered – even just once – as well as the people who I have seen more this year than my roommate, are who have made myself, as well as what you hold in your ink-stained hands, look good. I owe everything to these people – thank you.

We tried to bring a new flavour to your daily newspaper this year by attempting to make it more of what it is – a student paper. We've tried to inform, entertain and the occasional time, tried to make you laugh. Hope you enjoyed Volume 92 of The Gazette as much as I have.

With a little luck and three years of experience in my back pocket, you might see the name "Brendan Howe" attached to a couple more articles in the years to come.

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