Volume 92, Issue 89

Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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Recycling the real issue, not hurt feelings

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Journalistic integrity with a dash of silliness

The last word

Journalistic integrity with a dash of silliness

As this issue of The Gazette is being read, a large chapter in my life has come to an end.

Not that it'll make much difference to those who remain at this shrine of student journalism. The beauty of The Gazette is that fresh blood is what keeps this place alive and vital. My time has passed.

What a ride though. My transition from a nervous volunteer to a reasonably competent Managing Editor is a journey I doubt anyone could have predicted. As my undergraduate academic career also wraps up this spring, for some reason I feel as though I have gained the majority of my knowledge in Room 263 of the University Community Centre.

To outsiders, attempting to explain what would entice an individual into consistently enduring 14 hour days in a chaotic and windowless office is a difficult task. Occasionally, I have trouble explaining it to myself.

Still, with no intentions of sounding melodramatic, the thing which I've come to realize, above all things, is I'm proud of this newspaper. Beyond the obvious selling points of being Canada's largest and only student daily, I love what The Gazette brings to this campus.

Everyday, some of the most dedicated men and women I've ever known come together to provide an exceptional newspaper which is guided by principles and integrity. On a regular basis The Gazette must deal with infuriated members of the university and community who question why The Gazette refuses to act as a mouthpiece for their issue, cause or charity. Or just as frequently, they may question our editorial decisions. Most are perplexed by the stringent policies and uncompromising integrity of a supposed "community" newspaper.

While many lesser publications may have crumbled under the pressure, The Gazette remains adamantly dedicated to relevant, timely, objective and poignant journalism. I know each staff member believes in this paper's integrity. We'd rather be shut down than compromise it.

That's not to say we ignore laughter. As Managing Editor, nobody believed in the value of some random silliness more than myself and regular readers count on it for a smile. Wacky, yet principled – if that's not a life motto, I don't know what is.

To everyone I've ever worked with, thank you. You've taught me a lot. My journey from a guy who just wanted some free CDs to a position helping run this place is truly an extraordinary journey which has helped define my character. Let's hope the next chapter can be half as fulfilling.

Oh yeah... The Legend's computer is now all access!

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