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Wednesday, December 1, 1999


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Nice guys triumph in the end

Re: "What's love but a second hand emotion?" Nov. 17

To the Editor:

As I was reading Mr. Smith's letter, I had to agree with a few points that were raised. The first regarded living with your decisions. I have overheard many conversations consisting of only complaints about a mate's mistreatment, ranging up to and including abusive behavior. I feel that accepting the consequences of the decisions we make should be expected.

If one dislikes the outcome of a choice made, then there are two options. The first is to accept it and shut up about it, the second is to reject it and make some changes.

Secondly, I agree that some people, for whatever reason, do need an element of rebellion in their relationships. Nevertheless, due to a breach of trust or disrespect for the other person, the outcome of such relations is usually negative. I do not agree, however, that it is sex specific. Ever hear of the term "whipped?" It is usually used in reference to men.

The letter becomes offensive when Mr. Smith states, "If you want to hold on to your girls, treat them like crap..." If it is necessary to do this, then how can it be love? Even the old kindergarten rule, "Treat others as you would want to be treated" can dispute your view.

I agree that "Mr. Nice Guy" does not get the same female attention as the rebel does, but "nice guys don't finish last." They usually end up with a higher, more valued relationship with respect given and received. They are treated and regarded as a best friend, lover and a soulmate. This does not happen by treating women like crap.

Amanda Ross
Social Sciences I

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