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Wednesday, December 1, 1999


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Beliefs not appropriate

Re: "Police pull preacher" Nov. 18

To the Editor:

I was surprised to see the response of my follow students in regards to Ed Wellein – the preacher on the Concrete Beach.

I have no objection to freedom of speech or Mr. Wellein being a faithful Christian, but I do take offence to the fact that this man has the right to come on private property and voice his mind in the manner he did. Being neither a Hindu nor a Muslim, but a Sikh and a believer in God, I take offence that this man had the right to say that my beliefs or anyone else's beliefs were wrong and Christianity was the right path.

Many may think or believe that to be true, but out of respect you have no right to say that you have a closer path to God than I do, nor any evidence to prove that is so. I take this just as offensively as if I were to go up there and preach racism towards black people, Jewish people or whomever it may be – so I ask professor [Patrick] Brown, would you justify me voicing my opinion in this way?

Jaspal Marwaha
Economics II

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