Volume 93, Issue 52

Wednesday, December 1, 1999


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Homeless deserve our warmth

Homeless deserve our warmth

Re: "Mayor abandons homeless plan" Nov. 18

To the Editor:

As the cold weather and holidays are approaching I thought that, if anything, an article in The Gazette regarding the homeless would be about what is being done to ensure that they don't go hungry or freeze to death during the winter months. So you can imagine my surprise when I learned that politicians in Toronto are even considering shipping the homeless to "a vacated village in the middle of the forest."

What the hell would they be doing there to get out of the cycle of poverty – it's not like the forest has very many jobs that can be offered! Why is it that we have such a problem with taking care of one another? Instead of trying to remedy the problem of homeless families, what do we do? We dump it on somebody else because it's not our problem!

I am so tired of politicians trying to eradicate the homeless problem by treating them as if they are criminals or in this case, like a herd of cattle that can be taken anywhere. It's time for the government to stop avoiding this issue and to start facing it.

Instead of shipping them to another place, why not use the empty buildings that the city already has (sorry, I forgot, that would be too easy). As cliché as it sounds, we need to remember that the homeless are people too, not unsightly garbage that can just be discarded any time the politicians get sick of dealing with it.

Pauline Boateng
Social Work III

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