Volume 93, Issue 53

Thursday, December 2, 1999


Bullard's Little Thoughts a big success

Tribe still united in Anthology

The Deadly Snakes shed their stereotypes

Rage wage Battle of Toronto

Rage wage Battle of Toronto

Returning from their recent hiatus, the ever political Rage Against The Machine appeared back on track for the Toronto leg of their tour to support the release of The Battle of Los Angeles – their first album in over four years.

Despite the lengthy break, Tuesday's show was one of the more memorable concerts in recent history. The band appeared on stage at 8:45 p.m. and played a long, energetic set which entertained the crowd for the duration of the show. Everything about the gig was exciting – from the performances of opening act and veteran rap group Gangstarr, to the gigantic mosh pit.

In a world where much of our entertainment is materialistic, it is important to have a band such as Rage Against the Machine, who actually stand for something and put their fans first. Rage's resonant presence has always been felt by members of the rock community. Few bands have a repertoire of songs which can keep an audience going for as long as Rage did on Tuesday night.

The band fulfilled expectations by playing new material and almost all of their classic material, except for "Bombtrack." The highlight of the show was the encore which consisted of "Bulls on Parade" and "Freedom."

However, the show truly peaked during the final song "Killing in the Name," when the house lights went up to reveal the commotion and energy of the crowd, as 20,000 zealous fans screamed, "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!" in unison.

This truly was a concert which had to be experienced to be believed.

–Jared Gutstadt

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