Volume 93, Issue 53

Thursday, December 2, 1999


Examining the details

Gift that keeps on giving

Gift that keeps on giving

To the Editor:

With the Christmas season fast approaching, most of us are busy worrying about final essays, exams and how many macaroni and cheese dinners it will take to save enough money for Christmas shopping. In short, who could blame us students for being just a little bit preoccupied with our own problems?

In the Western community however, there are a few people still worrying about others. An anonymous donor has allotted some money to Lindsay Hill, our University Students' Council commissioner for students with disabilities, to throw a Christmas party for kids with disabilities. I know Lindsay is very grateful for this gift and under the guidance of USC VP-campus issues, Perry Monaco, has been working very hard to prepare this party for the disabled children of our community.

I want not only to publicly acknowledge this anonymous donor for their generous gift, but also to let everyone know how dedicated Lindsay Hill has been to helping others. We can probably all learn from her example.

This is just a reminder for the holiday season, amidst the shopping mall chaos and millennium madness that will no doubt ensue, that we must remember to give whatever we can – some money, our time, or a helping hand.

Claire La France
English/Women's Studies III

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