Volume 93, Issue 53

Friday, December 3, 1999


CASA wish-list announced

City toys with budget surplus

Napster goes off-line for students

Hands-on learning in cyberspace

Preventative bacteria probed

Donation fuels AIDS education

Keep fit, have fun and warm down


Caught on campus

Buzz Mecca


Allow me to demonstrate

A rally at Victoria Park, followed by a march, will take place tomorrow to protest the execution of an American journalist and black activist who sits on death row.

London Friends of Mumia, an organization which supports journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, will protest to keep Abu-Jamal alive, explained Devin Hanes, organizer for the King's College Centre for Social Concern. "He was framed for murdering a cop in Philadelphia."

Hanes added the case has sparked attention and interest the world over, which has postponed the execution of Abu-Jamal for eight years.

–Stephanie Cesca

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