Volume 93, Issue 53

Friday, December 3, 1999


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Not allowed to make up own mind

Re: "Police pull preacher" Nov. 16

To the Editor:

A great deal of commotion has arisen recently due to the opinions of Christian preacher, Ed Wellein, who shared his message to students on the Concrete Beach. Police ejected this preacher from the area because some people thought his opinions were offensive.

Personally, the only offence I took to the entire situation is the fact that as a student of "higher learning," I was not allowed to make up my own mind about Ed Wellein's preaching.

We are no longer children and we should no longer be subjected to control and censorship on every word or opinion that is uttered on university grounds.

Hussein Allidina recently wrote a contradictory letter commenting on professor Patrick Brown's defence of free speech. After stating that he supports free speech, Allidina proposed a hypothetical situation based on racism in order to justify the removal of the preacher. The fact is, Wellein did not propose that "all blacks should be damned because they're black."

Besides, Dr. Brown did not publicly support the preacher's opinions, he was defending free speech and free thinking, a couple of activities that have been all but erased in the atmosphere of "super" classes and in the fight for superior grades.

I found Allidina's comments and opinions went against my own beliefs. I wonder if he would consider it fair to be forced to keep them to himself?

Dan Ricciuto
Biology II

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