Volume 93, Issue 53

Friday, December 3, 1999


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Study leaves should go

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Study leaves should go

To the Editor:

According to the Nov. 4, 1999 Western News, Western continues to offer several so-called "study leaves" to a number of administrators even during a time of budget constraints. Although these "perks" were started with a good intention in the good old days, their role should be re-evaluated.

These study leaves have become a laughing perk, like the pensions of MPs and an unaffordable luxury for Western, which has even been unable to adjust faculty salaries for the past two years (even with substantial increases in tuition fees for the students).

I hope that the administration and Board of Governors will seriously examine the procedures of granting study leave, to improve the public image and vision of our university which is under severe budget constraint. I suggest that study leaves for administrators should be offered only in limited special cases.

George Cherian
Department of Pathology

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