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Friday, December 3, 1999


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Poppies just aren't for everyone

Re: "Memorial not in style on campus" Nov. 16

To the Editor:

In response to the letters which criticize students for not wearing poppies – it seems as though these individuals forget that Western is comprised of a vast mix of nationalities.

Remembrance Day is an occasion observed only by certain countries, it's not as global, as say, New Year's day. As with any such occasion, there are those who support it, don't like it and those who couldn't care less. Consider the feelings of those from countries in which war is still a part of everyday life. Those who don't quite have all the "freedoms" you mention and those whose ancestors were on the "other side."

How do you think it feels to go through a day (or a whole WEEK next year) which honours those who killed your direct relatives? Lest we forget the atrocities that the allies committed as well.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against Remembrance Day. I won't fart during the moment of silence, burn poppies on the Concrete Beach or spray paint tanks, I just simply choose not to take part for personal reasons. I'm not against honouring those who fought for their country, I believe paying respects to them is noble. But isn't part of the "freedom" to choose to take part in these ceremonies?

Bottom line – realize that there are those who don't celebrate Remembrance Day for various reasons and that it's ignorant to say that they all deserve a "slap upside the head" for not doing so.

Roger Fuchigami
Bachelor of Administrative and Commercial Studies III

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