Volume 93, Issue 53

Friday, December 3, 1999


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Other swimmers Green with Envy

Un-Golden Hawks fall

Other swimmers Green with Envy

By Chad Thompson
Gazette Staff

Some players have to choose between two sports. Tamsyn Green, co-captain of Western's swim team, was all too familiar with this, as she had to choose between field hockey and swimming – two sports she loved.

"I played field hockey at a provincial level for about three years so I wanted to try swimming at that level or higher. I swam at club level for six months, but decided I didn't like the club atmosphere," she said about the inevitable decision.

"At university, I chose it because I assumed the varsity swim season was longer than the varsity field hockey season. I think my roots go back farther as a swimmer then they do as a field hockey player."

Green, who came to Canada from South Africa when she was 12 years old, said the main difference between the two countries was the way school was perceived by the students. "The schooling system is a lot different. There were a lot more rules [in South Africa]. The whole situation is different. In South Africa, if you didn't do your homework you were considered a loser. Whereas here, if you did do you homework, you were considered a nerd."

The fourth-year health sciences student talked about the ups and downs of being a student athlete. "The best part is knowing you can perform at a level and be good at it, being able to know you have a social group and being able to time manage," she said.

Green said a typical day starts with morning practice. "I probably spend 14 hours a day on campus. I have anywhere between four to six hours of class a day. I have afternoon practice, then we do weights as a team, three times a week. Then I'm at the library or on the computer, studying."

The best part about swimming, Green said, is the technicality of the sport. The worst part, however, is swimming in uncomfortable water temperatures. "Having to dive into a cold pool when you know it's minus 30 outside."

Green said being one of the team's captains is a very important role on the team. "It means I have the leadership that people thought it takes for someone to [be captain]. We pick our captain through the team, the coach doesn't do it. It's an honour to be able to know that I lead the team and they know they can come to me with questions. It's kind of intimidating at the same time, because you have a lot to deal with, there's a lot of hidden things that people don't know you do."

Fellow co-captain Crystal Clark and Green compliment each other well, she said. "One of us will be irrational one day and the other one won't, so we have a good balance. There's questions I won't have the answer to, that she'll understand and vice versa. We're good friends outside the pool too, so that helps a lot."

Teammate Jessica Kelly said she felt Green was someone who led by example. "She puts her team before herself in almost every respect," she said. "Tamsyn has a great sense of humour and is a good person."

Western head coach Glen Belfry said Green is a hard worker and different than Clark. "Tamsyn is quieter. She has a great strength about her," he said. "She's very kind, sensitive and outgoing."

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