Volume 93, Issue 55

Tuesday, December 7, 1999


McMaster TAs hit the picket lines

HIV virus linked to smallpox

Remembering the Montreal Massacre

Staff prepares for Y2K problems on campus

Nipissing helps keep faculty and staff standing tall

Streaker still strutting his stuff

Streaker still strutting his stuff

By John Intini
Gazette Staff

The University Police Department's rap sheet seems to indicate Western students chose to hit the books rather than each other, or the local 7-eleven last week.

Const. Wendy McGowan said there were 83 criminal offences last week, which is considerably lower than most weeks. "Exams have something to do with it," McGowan said. "Students appear to be focusing more on the books right now."

Studying did not stop the campus streaker who was sighted again, this time on the path behind Delaware Hall on Dec. 4, wearing only a grey sweatshirt. McGowan said officers responded, but could not find the perpetrator who was described as a white male, approximately 30 years old with wavy dark hair. This is the third similar report.

"This is a deviation of normal behaviour," McGowan said, adding the UPD's main concern was the possible escalation of similar incidents.

On Dec. 1 police were contacted about an individual who was reported missing. McGowan said the individual was found on campus and the incident was simply a case of the individual not contacting home to inform family of his whereabouts.

An intoxicated female was tended to by the Student Emergency Response Team at Talbot College after falling and cutting her head last Tuesday, McGowan said. Later that night police broke up a melee of approximately 20 individuals on Western Road near the Engineering Sciences building.

A bomb threat was reported by an individual in the University Community Centre Friday morning, just before 2 a.m., which McGowan said, turned out to be a false alarm.

Later that day, a report was issued claiming a number of residents at Medway Hall were walking around with construction signs. McGowan said the investigation was still ongoing. As well, three beer kegs were reported to be in the West parking lot of Medway Hall, but were later removed.

Lambton Hall once again responded to a fire alarm, this time at 3:34 a.m. on Dec. 4, which was set off by the use of a fire extinguisher. As well, damage was done to a vending machine in the upper-year residence on Dec. 5.

The UPD are still trying to contact an individual for questioning in regards to a theft which occurred Nov. 25 at approximately 3 p.m. outside of the University Community Centre BookStore. The individual is pictured below. If students have any information, they are asked to contact the UPD at 661-3300.

"I strongly recommend students use lockers [in the UCC]," McGowan said, adding the shelves near The BookStore are not a solid protection from theft. "The worst part in this case above the cost of the book bag was the loss of notes – and we all know how valuable those are now. "

McGowan also asked those who have lost valuables on campus to visit the police department in the Stevenson-Lawson building, since all lost material will be cleared out over the break.

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