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Tuesday, December 7, 1999


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Putting comments in context

Re: "Police pull preacher" Nov. 18

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to put a comment attributed to me, in the Nov. 18 edition of The Gazette, into the context in which it was originally offered.

When I first encountered Ed Wellein, the American pastor on our campus, I was impressed with his courage to stand in front of a large group of university students and publicly state his personal religious views. It was at that point I stated, "He's just speaking his mind, quite frankly that's pretty neat," to The Gazette reporter covering the story.

As I continued to listen to Mr. Wellein's speech, I certainly did not agree (both professionally and personally) with some of his views. I would like the Western community to know that neither I nor the University Students' Council, support Mr. Wellein's comment that, "if you're a Muslim or a Hindu, then obviously you're damned. Christianity or perish."

It is unfortunate my quote was put into this story completely out of context. I hope this addresses any concerns the student body may have.

Perry Monaco
VP-Campus Issues
University Students' Council

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