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Tuesday, December 7, 1999


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Looking back on an old letter

Putting comments in context

Would the university sell out?

Inaccurate portrayal of French

Napster not educational

Would the university sell out?

To the Editor:

Am I naive, or do I just not understand the big business of the university?

When the school takes a small fortune from the students in payment for education and services offered, why do they need to sell our addresses and other information? Don't the Coke concession rights pay enough?

When I came here, I began to get credit card applications and other such junk mail, along with phone calls for different services that I did not need or want. I figured this was just circumstance, after all I had a newly listed phone number and address. However, after three years here, I am beginning to get annoyed.

Now I am getting email trying to sell me financial planning advice. This has to come from within. I am careful with my internet use and do not give out information. I would have to be fairly sure that someone else is. I'm not paranoid or anything, it is just that the Western email server is plugged up enough without someone trying to sell me financial services.

First of all, I do not live in a vacuum. I am aware that financial services, banks, credit cards and new cars are out there and available to me, should I want them. I do not need to be bombarded with such information.

Second, I do not remember telling anyone that my information could be made available to others. Perhaps the university does not sell such information, but perhaps they do. Whoever is responsible, maybe they should get a real job and leave the rest of us in peace.

Bill Campbell
Audiology Graduate Program

Inaccurate portrayal of French

Re: "Looking back on an altered past" Dec. 1

To the Editor:

Professor [Michael] Carroll's thesis that Canadians must temper their collective memory of the First World War with a recognition of both the contemporary and current rhetoric surrounding the conflict proves undeniable.

Indeed, the identification and explanation of bias provides a basic objective for any serious historical study. However, a flaw in Carroll's argument appears as he vastly oversimplifies French-Canadian ideology concerning the First World War in support of his questionable assertion that Quebecers "are the Canadians who are the true heroes from that period and the ones we should be honouring today."

The lack of support for the war effort offered by French-Canadians stemmed from a number of causes.

Apart from the anti-imperialist views described by Professor Carroll, Quebecers also resisted enlistment due to feelings of alienation fostered both in the Canadian military and in the nation as a whole, in retribution for the continued subordination of French language rights in Ontario and as a means of supporting French nationalist ambitions. Hence, the debate over Canadian involvement in the First World War cannot be separated from developments in the traditionally tense relationship between English and French Canada.

This realization hardly promotes the view of French-Canadians as heroes, but rather supports an oft-cited contemporary British notion of Canadians as silly colonials, hopelessly unable to sort out even "straight-forward" domestic disputes. Consequently, Professor Carroll's glorification of French-Canadian isolationism simply replaces a patriotic bias with a pacifist one.

The result is a blind condemnation of the sacrifices made by compassionate, if somewhat ignorant, Canadian soldiers.

John Duncanson

Honours History IV

Napster not educational

Re: "Napster taken off-line for students" Dec. 3

To the Editor:

OK, all you Napster users listen up. Get the hell off our network. Quite frankly I'm a little pissed at the crap for bandwidth the rest of us are suffering while trying to do some "real" work.

That big fat internet connection you have in your residence room is NOT for downloading MP3s, porn or pirated software. Come on, grow up, get a life and do something constructive with your time.

The network connection you have is for "educational use" and downloading MP3s through any tcp related program (Napster, ftp, icq etc.) is in direct violation of the agreement that all computer users have with ITS. You are engaging in an action "which denies or restricts the use of computer facilities to other users of those facilities."

Don't get me wrong, Napster is a great program, but it does NOT belong on this network, not at school kids – keep that stuff at home.

In any event, may all you Napster users, specifically the ones who use it to get illegal MP3s (ones you don't have the CDs for) *cough* all of you *cough*, have your RezNet disconnected and ITS disown you.

Brad Sarsfield

Computer Science III

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