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Wednesday, December 8, 1999


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It's time for Ontario to hit the road

To the Editor:

Separatism has become more prominent in both politics and the news media, especially with the recent resurgence of separatist sentiment in Québec and the western provinces.

It would seem that we cannot beat this separatist juggernaut. I therefore suggest we join them. I submit that Ontario should beat everyone else to the finish line – Ontario should be the first to secede from Canada. We should take our from the other separatists and do exactly what they themselves have suggested.

We should, as Québec plans to do, not accept any responsibility for our share of the debt, thus freeing us from approximately $16 billion. Not only would this save us vast amounts of funds allocated to debt reduction, but Ontario would no longer need to pay the lions share of the taxes to support the eastern provinces, or any other part of Canada that cannot pull its own weight. This would create a free Ontario, where we don't have to constantly appease the other provinces in some vain attempt to keep them satisfied with the confederation.

Ontario, with close to 38 per cent of Canada's population (Statistics Canada 1998) produces $371.9 billion, while the combined total of the other provinces is $523.0 billion (Statistics Canada 1998) – this is ratio of 1:1.4. This illustrates the financial dominance of Ontario, not too mention all of the federal taxes Ontario would no longer be responsible for paying.

Ontario would stand quite well, if not better, without having to support the rest of Canada. A few intelligent trade pacts with the United States of America, the European Union and the rest of the countries in the World Trade Organization would place Ontario in a very lucrative position.

I say, let's do it.

Steve McQuilan
Biology II

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