Volume 93, Issue 56

Wednesday, December 8, 1999


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Law doesn't really matter

Re: "MP-filtered" Dec. 3

To the Editor:

There are two premises to this article, one of which is highly valid, the other not at all.

Napster sucking up Western's internet bandwidth is, of course, a genuine cause for concern, since the institution providing the internet is based around academics.

However, to provide internet service and expect only academic pursuits to come of it is fairly silly and naive. The more invalid of the two arguments presented is that of legality.

Technically illegal? Yes, but please, give me a gigantic break – based on the severity of said crime, I challenge the writer(s) of this editorial to, from now on, to never tape a show or music cassette and show it to friends, to never surpass 50 km/h while driving and never cross the street anywhere but at a traffic light. Such things should also be standards of the "university world," hmmm?

Now that ITS is assuming the role of internet police, I'm expecting their next move will be to disable all porn URLs, South Park URLs and if bandwidth continues to be a problem, perhaps they should disable icq.com or hotmail.com to stop people from sending endless emails to their boyfriends and girlfriends.

Now if Napster is off-line to Western, the next logical move would be to barricade the use of any program facilitating MP3 transfer. CuteFTP, for example, is designed for file transfer of any type, but now includes MP3 specific search engines similar to Napster. Next to go would be IRC, then no Netscape, then – who knows?

The academic contention is quite good, the legal one causes me to chortle long and loud.

Chris Jongkind
Geography IV

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