Volume 93, Issue 56

Wednesday, December 8, 1999


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Virtues of Campus Rec

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Remarks devoid of real issues

Law doesn't really matter

Naughty or nice? The definitive list

Naughty or nice? The definitive list

I've made my list, checked it twice and now I shall tell you who's been naughty and who's been nice.

It's been a long year and an extensive list of worthy candidates were considered for Christmas wishes, but only a select few deserve shiny new toys while even more should expect a lump of coal in their stockings.

First – the list of nice boys and girls.

University Students' Council VP-campus issues Perry Monaco. His outspoken nature and sense of humour have made USC politics interesting – which is no small feat, if you've ever sat through a council meeting. And his striking resemblance to the jolly man in the red suit must not be ignored.

The fine people at CentreSpot, the Wave and The Spoke. Many thanks to the people who have kept Mrs. Wherry's little boy well fed throughout the year.

The Western Mustang's football team. Maybe they didn't win a national championship and their last game at J.W. Little Memorial Stadium was a loss, but you have to give them credit for not running anybody over this year.

All the championship Western sports teams. Too numerous to mention all the athletes here, but needless to say they don't receive nearly as much attention as they deserve.

And now, my favourite part – the naughty list.

Perry Monaco. His exuberance has been noted, but he has to learn to keep that temper of his under control. Or at least don't let TVWestern catch you.

The Purple Arm. The engineering newspaper, could be quite funny, if it hadn't plagiarized large portions of its material from the internet magazine The Onion. It's called originality – look into it.

Senior administration. Please try to keep from embarrassing the university in the pages of a national newspaper from now on. Think about how many MacLean's points we must have lost for that one.

Engineers. See senior administration.

Preacher Ed Wellein. Speak your mind – on our campus? Last year's bubble boy was much more interesting.

There you go kids. A merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night.

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