Volume 93, Issue 56

Wednesday, December 8, 1999


Football coach Larry Haylor talks sports and life

Mustang track sets early season pace

Ski team and women's hockey ready for winter

Picking those Mustangs

'Twas the Sports awards of '99

Another banner year for Western Mustang teams

'Twas the Sports awards of '99

'Twas the final Gazette before Christmas and all through the school, exams were all stirring and I pity you fools!

The Kid was at his computer, typing away on his Mac. Reflecting on Mustang sports, a full year looking back.

The sports we have won and the events we have lost. Which athletes were heroes and which players were tossed.

But the real theme of this article, the true reason I write, Is to honour the athletes, working every day and night.

The first award given out, was the best Mustang team. The cream of the crop at Western, a squad whose glitter even gleams.

Back to back champions, number one in the nation. If I didn't pick this team, it would be eternal damnation.

Western men's soccer, proved this season and last, That they are the true answer, to who puts the "kick" in "kick ass!"

An undefeated record and Rock Basacco for coach of the year. It's hard not to notice and extremely difficult not to cheer.

Way to go Western soccer, here's to kick and to pass. Here's to showing the country, the meaning of class.

Moving on with the awards, is top male athlete next. If we didn't pick this player, there would be a lot of readers vexed.

Power on the grid iron, lightning speed on the field. If it's a running game you need, this Mustang won't yield.

Runningback Fabian Rayne, of football glory and fame, Gets the nod from The Kid and I say it without shame.

Without Rayne in the backfield, there'd be no Mustang fire to stoke. He needs to teach the rest of the team, not to post-season choke.

Again down the list, is the women's best of the best. Who excelled at the top, which female was up to the test?

Fleet footed and graceful, a champ of road and of hill. The meaning of hard work and training, of discipline and of skill.

The winner in this contest, is cross countrier Teresa Duck. A CIAU champion and that's just not by luck.

Captain of her team, she led the way all this season. If I didn't pick her for this award, The Kid would be charged with high treason.

Our final award, for our millennium show, Is which Western team is good, that wasn't only a year ago.

A team that has made great strides, without a shadow of a doubt. A team that this time last year, was completely shut out.

The most improved team, is the Western hockey men, Who did not make last season's playoffs, but now lead Canada's top 10.

With an almost perfect record, featuring tight D and big O. Besides the wrestler with the same name, they are this winter's "Big Show."

And The Kid did exclaim, as he wrote out of sight. The Gazette's Sport section rules, while the others all bite!

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