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Wednesday, February 10, 1999


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Classical knowledge

Re: Underground sound, Feb. 5

To the Editor:

Thank you to all that came to the Western Symphony Orchestra "Northern Romance" concert on Friday, Feb. 5. It was thrilling to see such a large and supportive crowd, regardless of the shoddy article produced by The Gazette on the same date.

Whomever writes these articles on classical music obviously does not have any musical background at all or, at the very least, access to a dictionary. Neither I, nor any other reader have heard of Rach Maninoff, Ralph Vaughinghgm Williams or Prokoviea. We have however, heard of composers named Sergey Rachmaninoff, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Sergey Prokoviev.

As well, the inaccurate information and false implications provided by statements within the article were cause for laughter. Yes, the orchestra is composed of first-year students and it does include Londoners, but we are all students at Western, some of whom live within London.

Incidentally, if you came expecting certain pieces, I apologize that the orchestra could not produce them. The Vaughan Williams piece, was stated within the article as "a string piece based on the musical Fantasia." I would have loved to see the trombones dress up in Mickey sorcerer outfits and dance across the stage to "Fantasia based on a theme by Thomas Tallis."

In the future, please do not lead on potential patrons by relaying false information. I was very glad to see the best crowd of the season attend our concert, yet I can only wonder if it was because they are classical music lovers, or if they expected to hear something that the orchestra would not be playing that evening. I guess that I'll never know.

Mark Kissel
Music IV

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