Volume 92, Issue 75

Wednesday, February 10, 1999


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Age old respect

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Age old respect

Re: Using bricks to build memories, Feb. 5

To the Editor:

The lowering of the flag is a tradition that is centuries old. In the days of sailing, navy ships would let loose their rigging as a symbol of their sadness over the passing of a comrade or honoured figure. I believe that this is where this tradition began. Mourning is expressed in some cultures by tearing clothing, pulling hair (to the point of bleeding), public crying or the wearing of a black arm band (a practice also originating in the navy).

The real shame that needs to be addressed has nothing to do with this mark of respect – it is in following up the action. There is limited declaration of whom the respect is being shown to. Apparently this is listed in the Western News, but it would make more sense to include a section of the daily published The Gazette (more widely read by students), where names and brief bios could be printed. Sometimes a flag is lowered on an anniversary, so this needs to be kept clear.

It shocks me that someone, though offering an alternative (that need not also be done), should through ignorance suggest its demise.

Aubrey Harris
Special Student

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