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Thursday, February 11, 1999


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Weldon academy's exit could aid campus space problem

By Dave Yasvinski
Gazette Staff

Western will have some more much needed space with the departure of the Weldon Park Academy from campus this summer.

The building has been leased by the private school for the last two and a half years but will become vacant as the academy moves to a new location. "We need more space. We've outgrown [the building]," said Frank Marchese, headmaster of Weldon Park Academy.

Marchese said the school has doubled in size over the course of the lease to the point where the building has no longer proved accommodating. The academy recently purchased the old Labatt buildings at the forks of the Thames river, he added.

Peter Mercer, Western's VP-administration, said the university is considering different options for the building. "We are so pressed for space we may decide to use it for a limited time."

The problem is the building is old and is in need of renovations, Mercer said. "Do you keep adding to it or is it time to retire it?" he said.

"The building is not in the best of shape," said Dave Riddell, senior director of physical plant and capital planning services. "There are problems with the roof and the air conditioning systems."

Riddell added the university needs to figure out what the building will be used for before it decides how much renovating will be done. "If you want to use it for storage you don't have to worry about air conditioning," he said.

The way the roof leaks right now, the building is not adaptable to many uses, Marchese added.

Western's director of institutional planning and budgeting Rubin Chelladurai said the space will likely be used for offices or possibly computer labs. Because of the renovations planned for the Medical Sciences Building, another use would be extra storage space. "There are a number of programs expanding across campus – they need space," he said.

What will be done with the building is ultimately up to institutional planning and university administration, Chelladurai said. He added they are so busy with the university's budget right now they have not had time to explore all the options.

Chelladurai said the university only found out the academy was moving a month ago. "We haven't got them out of there yet."

Serious discussions about the future of the building will likely begin in early April, Chelladurai said.

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