Volume 92, Issue 76

Thursday, February 11, 1999


Don't believe everything you hear

Fight night in the hell-bent kitchen

Who has the final say

Aussie rules complaining

Fight night in the hell-bent kitchen

Every so often I'll run into one of my old friends from my first year. Almost always I'll politely engage in some shallow small talk. Generally though, I'll ask if everything is going well at home with the "roomies," which in more words than one is an inquiry to whether the household is living in a state of utopia or World War III.

I usually ask such a question because I'm interested in finding out what the secret of living in a hospitable environment requires. Most of my friends who are currently living in disarray often boil down their problems to pure ignorance. I guess people currently living in Saugeen should be excluded from the ignorance clause because even Kingston inmates would agree – no human should be required to live that close to another and still be able to get along.

Even the most poorly matched roommates can tolerate each other when kitchen duties can be understood. In a strange sort of way the kitchen almost always is the central source of the conflict. In my house we go by the "buy your own food" system. Theoretically, this system should work but eventually at one point there will be about five of everything, which all happen to go bad at the same time too.

Then there's the "borrowing" principle. Maybe it's just me but even the tiniest morsels of borrowed food will agitate me. Most of the time it won't prompt me to confront anyone, but it does a world of wonders when permission is asked.

However, living away from home isn't all that bad. It can be the worst of times when you don't have the right people to live with but it can be the best of times because Mom and Dad aren't breathing down your back. What is certain though is it will always be the trivial things which set off conflicts. It is vital that if you are a slob, live with pigs. If you are a neat freak, go to the circus to find other freaks.

As we speak there are leases being signed and people agreeing to live with each other for the first time. Happy hunting for those in need of a new place to reside and guys, make sure you put the toilet seat down when living with girls. I hear it's a killer ride down.

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