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Thursday, February 11, 1999


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Aussie rules complaining

Aussie rules complaining

Re: Editorial cartoon, Feb. 2

To the Editor:

As possibly the only Australian student at Western, I feel I must say something about the cartoon published by The Gazette on Feb. 2. Australians as a group are no more like Paul Hogan's character from Crocodile Dundee than Canadians are all like Rick Moranis' character from SCTV, eh?

Indeed, while overseas Paul Hogan is seen as the epitome of all things Australian, back at home he isn't regarded so highly. None of Paul Hogan's movies have made it big since the Crocodile Dundee series. He is regarded as a pariah-like figure in Australia and in recent years, has made all his money being a "typical" Australian in commercials for Fosters beer, Subaru and for the Australian Government Tourist Bureau in Japanese commercials, since he can no longer get work in Australia.

As for the stereotypes he acts out, perhaps they need some debunking. The prime one would be his knife. Australia has some of the strictest laws on concealed weapons in the world, meaning he wouldn't really be allowed to carry that knife. Number 2 would be his endorsement of Subarus. They're nice cars, except in my view it would be almost suicidal to drive one off-road in Australia, where many places are close to a day's drive from civilization. Number 3 would be Fosters. Although, a lot of us do drink Fosters, so that's an accurate stereotype.

Of course, with Paul Hogan's large media presence in Canada and the United States, you can all be forgiven for thinking we're all like that, but I can assure you that we're not, mates.

By the way, for all fans of The Simpsons, the toilet DOES flush the other way in Australia.

Alex Dawson
Exchange Student

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