Volume 92, Issue 77

Friday, February 12, 1999


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A perfect V-Day gift... nothing

Editorial Cartoon

A perfect V-Day gift... nothing

If anyone hasn't noticed – and it's hard not to – Valentine's Day is upon us.

Just like every other holiday, Feb. 14 has been commercialized to death. But unlike other "special" days, one has to participate in the consumerism to participate properly in the holiday. Sappy cards, over-priced flowers, candies and underwear of all flavours must be bought – unless you want your loved one to respond coldly the next time you're in the mood to cuddle.

Many have noticed the complete irony of Valentine's Day. If you do something extravagant it looks like you want something from the other person. But if you don't, you're a cheap bastard.

Others, particularly those who don't have a "special someone" to be their Valentine, feel perhaps the holiday was created to make them feel like complete losers. At least other holidays don't rely on real people to give gifts – Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny can fill the role. What we need here is a Valentine's icon, like Cupid or Mr. Hershey, to bring us holiday treats.

Or perhaps a better solution, which would definitely make a few Western students happy, is to move Buy Nothing Day to Feb. 14.

Voila! If you have a loved one on that day, you'll be able to show them you care, while being socially conscious at the same time. It will be a viable excuse for the financially challenged as to why they didn't spend $200 on a few dozen red roses.

And for those who were feeling left out of the original festivities, they now have something to direct their hostility and bitterness at. Instead of lying in bed drinking Five Star all day, they can take action in loudly protesting outside the red and white streamered megamalls, encouraging the love blind consumers to put away their wallets.

Of course, vendors of Valentine's Day propaganda will be about as receptive to this idea as a certain bunch of vendors on campus. And unfortunately, the ability for companies to turn anything into a major holiday will soon turn Buy Nothing Day into a marketing scheme for buying more products.

Large boxes filled with air will be the next way to show you care. And how about a seductive fragrance that's void of any smell? You'll be able to buy "Nothing" and show someone you care.

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