Volume 92, Issue 77

Friday, February 12, 1999


Pretty in Print

The good, the bad, the ugly... Airing your dirty laundry

And the results are in...

Yoga takes pleasure to a higher level

The good, the bad, the ugly... Airing your dirty laundry

You both amazed us and grossed us out with your eloquent and thoughtful responses to the bonus questions on the sex survey regarding your sexual experiences.

These were the most romantic and best sexual experiences...

"She picked up another girl and brought her home with us."

"My girlfriend and I were about to see a movie at the Galleria movie theatre and we decided to do it in the halls of the mall. We found a secluded area on the third floor, where no cameras were present and we had sex. Little did we know that we were positioned right beside the security guard's office. Luckily no one came out of the office."

"Before I started going out with my boyfriend he said to me: 'I want a strand of your hair.' I thought 'He is gross!' But then he said: 'Then I will take DNA from it, produce a clone of you and keep it in my room all the time.' It was so romantic that I will never forget it."

"The weekend my boyfriend and I went away and did not leave the hotel room at all. Just laid around naked and had lots of sex. We experimented with a lot of positions and toys."

"I showed up at my girlfriend's house on Valentine's Day and she served me dinner. She was wearing only saran wrap. Then we had sex like fiends on her mother's kitchen table."

"Had sex with a set of gorgeous twins. They were exchange students from Germany. It happened after the Homecoming party at a friend's place."

"I was taken to the Caribbean on an hour's notice."

"He lit 400 tea lights in a room for V-day."

"He spread rose petals from 24 red roses across my bed."

"With a girl who loved me and who had the motto, 'Anytime, anywhere.'"

"Someone giving me a bath. Candles, bubbles and good music after a long stressful day. He washed my hair and sponged me down. It was very relaxing and it was also a huge turn on."

"When I had my first orgasm."

"For my 25th birthday my girlfriend at the time conspired to organize a surprise party with all my friends. No one let on and by the time the night arrived, we welcomed it with food, drinks and sex in the hot tub to top it off."

"When I roller-bladed to my girlfriend's house and hopped in the sack without even taking my blades off."

"In Grade 12, I was staying at a hotel for a school trip. I was in my room, my roommate was sleeping and my friend was in there talking to me. I heard another friend running in the halls and jokingly yelled for him to come join our orgy. He came running in and started fooling around with me. My roommate started to wake up so we went to my friend's room and continued fooling around (just the two of us). As he was finishing going down on me he came without ever having me touch him at all."

Surprise, surprise, you're not the only one who doesn't have perfect movie sex. These are some of Western's worst and most embarrassing encounters.

"Sex with my girlfriend in a daycare parking lot when several parents showed up (she worked there)."

"I peed."

"The partner I was with at the time decided we should do a quickie, but I never got to go to the washroom first. During it he pressed on my bladder and it made me release some pee. That was very embarrassing!"

"Getting busted getting oral sex from a girl in a movie theatre. Then the person made a big stink as we were thrown out."

"Having sex on an airplane and getting caught by a stewardess."

"I was so nervous the first time I was about to give my boyfriend head that my stomach was turning. I decided to try it and I ended up choking and I puked all over him. He saw a lot more of me than he expected (including my macaroni and cheese from dinner earlier)."

"When I got caught having sex with a girl on her parent's couch by her mother. It was worse because it was only the second date."

"Finding a nude picture of myself on someone's web site."

"I was so drunk and high one night I partied and fooled around with one girl who eventually fell asleep. Lying in the bed wondering what to do next, I went home where another party was taking place. I asked one of the girls to come with me, we got naked and fooled around and this time I passed out. Needless to say she left me in the same position I had passed out in, only to have my friends walk by me in the morning and see me naked."

"In a washroom."

"My boyfriend and I came home drunk from a bar and I had forgotten I was on my period when I stripped down, but I quickly remembered and informed him. He said he didn't care, but I did because I know he doesn't like it after. Anyway, before I knew what was going on, he pulled my tampon out and threw it across the room. Later on he came back into the room, crawled into bed and whined to me about there being a bloody tampon on the floor and asked if I would do something about it."

"My worst sexual experience was with some guy on Labour Day weekend two years ago. He invited me over when he was having a party and we ended up in his room. He was high on ecstasy and maybe pot as well and had been drinking a lot too. Most people should know how this story might end now. We attempted to have sex for over an hour and thank God he finally gave up after catching me check the time for the third time."

Ever wonder what people are thinking about during class? Read the following and wonder no more. These are just a few of the fantasies being had by the student body...

"Believe it or not, done 'em all."

"Put honey on my body, then he licks it all up."

"To do it with two guys at once."

"To be a nude model on a deserted island stranded with one hunk of a photographer!"

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