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Friday, February 12, 1999


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And the results are in...

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And the results are in...

Well, here's what you've been anxiously awaiting – the results of the 1999 Gazette sex survey! For all of you who responded, well, there are just some things that we'd rather not know about. But we're printing them anyway...

1) Number of respondents:

24 men, 22 women.

2) Age bracket: Men Women

under 20 13% 41%

20-25 83% 59%

25-30 4% 0%

3) If you are not a virgin, how old were you when you had sex for the first time?

Men Women

n/a 5% 10%

under 14 8% 5%

14-16 29% 36%

17-19 40% 44%

20-22 18% 5%

4) Who was your first sexual partner?

Men Women


boy/girlfriend 23% 57%


boy/girlfriend 31% 13%

one night stand 36% 13%

friend 5% 4%

n/a 5% 13%

5) Are you currently in a relationship?

Men Women

Yes 75% 65%

No 25% 35%

6) Do you think you should love someone before you have sex?

Men Women

Yes 23% 45%

No 77% 55%

7) How first do you go on the first date?

Men Women


hug/handshake 0% 10%

peck on the cheek 9% 26%

french kiss 32% 23%

light to heavy

petting 41% 23%

sexual intercourse 18% 18%

8) Number of partners so far:

Men Women

0 5% 10%

1-4 38% 60%

5-9 17% 16%

10-15 22% 5%

too many to count 18% 9%

9) Have you ever had sex with more than one person at once?

Men Women

Yes 25% 5%

No 75% 95%

10) Have you ever had sex on campus?

Men Women

Yes 50% 35%

No 50% 65%

11) If so, where?

Residence, University Students' Council office, no comment, University Community Centre, Student Emergency Response Team bedroom, Natural Sciences Building, forest near Thames, parking lot, stairwells, library, on top of observatory, Essex Hall, VP-student issues office (a few years ago), CHRW on-air booth, bushes outside Somerville House, Saugeen showers, Moot Court room (Law building), Gazette office (we're still trying to figure out who this is).

12) Have you ever been intimate with a friend?

Men Women

Yes 75% 65%

No 25% 25%

13) Record number of times that you've had sex in a 24-hour period:

Men Women

0 5% 10%

1 0% 5%

2 0% 5%

3 4% 19%

4 14% 19%

5 24% 14%

6 5% 14%

7+ 48% 14%

14) Have you ever engaged in "cyber sex?"

Men Women

Yes 50% 23%

No 50% 77%

15) Have you ever "faked it?"

Men Women

Yes 45% 64%

No 55% 36%

To the guy that said "he was so good, he never needed to," WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU.

16) What's your fetish?

Men Women

black lingerie 14% 25%

S&M 5% 0%

body parts 47% 50%

(see below)

piercing/tattooing 0% 0%

other (see below) 34% 25%

Ass, eyes, Yogen Fruz, smile, legs, blue eyes, a woman's naked back, thongs, corsetry, food, bums & bellies, biting, penis, feet, sticky food, my clitoris, nose, bondage, breasts, Latin women, biceps and shoulders, crayons, back of neck, calves, hands, Catholic school girl outfit, neatly trimmed genital area, biting, lips, ears and tummy hair.

(17 & 18 don't exist. We just can't count.)

19) What's your favourite position?

Men Women

missionary 14% 27%

69 10% 0%

her on top 33% 22%

doggie 19% 17%

all of the above 10% 17%

other(see below)14% 17%

You name it, I love it; Any way to get the job done; The Ivan Special Standing; Like lobsters, facing each other; Up against the wall of a shower; Sitting with her on top; Hamster (call us naive, but we don't know what this is).

20) What's your biggest turn on?

Ping pong; Girl wearing nothing but man's dress shirt; Watching her masturbate; Confidence, eye contact; The way a woman smiles seductively; Tummies; Spontaneous sex initiated by aggressive means; Whipped cream on naked bodies; When they rub my panties; My girlfriend; Toned butt; Woman having an orgasm; Guys that drive really fast; My boyfriend; Nakedness; If they wear anything from Club Monaco; Her smell; Guys with girlfriends; A fit lover; Two girls; When a girl takes her clothes off then slowly takes mine off; Fellatio; Moaning; A girl that can dance for me – sort of stripping; Dirty talk; A foreign accent.

21) What's your biggest turn off?

Bad smell; Self absorption in a guy; "Grandma" style panties; Shortness; Smokers; Too much make-up; Fat hairy men; Passiveness; Ignorance and closemindedness; Broccoli in teeth; Forceful kissing; A guy who can't kiss; Demure women; Talking too much; Man wearing only socks; Cheap shoes; When she's too tired and falls asleep on me; When she's drunk; Joe in a leopard thong; Tattoos; Hairy legs and armpits; Not finishing; Burping and swearing; Bad breath; Chicken legs; Farts during sex; Arrogance; Self-gratifying partners; Third nipple.

22) Does your partner's sexual history influence whether you'll sleep with them?

Men Women

Yes 55% 73%

No 45% 27%

23) Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease?

Men Women

Yes 13% 0%

No 87% 100%

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