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Friday, February 12, 1999


Tan blows away competition in presidential victory

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Tan blows away competition in presidential victory

By Sabrina Carinci
Gazette Staff

SzeJack Tan blew away all competition last night, easily winning this year's University Students' Council presidential election.

Coming out victorious with 1,728 votes, Tan said he was extremely happy with the results. "I'm surprised with the overall turnout. It's really a reflection that people really care," he said. "I'm overwhelmed – that's all I can really say about that."

Tan said he felt more students voted last year because of the bus pass referendum. "But for me to come out the way I did it's just amazing."

Although competing against high school friends John Botting and Joey Hammill was strange for Tan, he said he would not have run if he was not sure he had a good chance of winning.

Tan attributed his success, not to himself, but rather to the hard work of his friends and supporters. "I'm ecstatic with my campaign. I couldn't have asked for a better campaign team," he said.

With respect to the position of USC president, Tan said he knew he was going to run in October. He started by collecting and reading over issues of The Gazette from two years ago. "I kept tabs on all the first page stories in all the issues. That's how I came up with my platform."

Tan also attributed his idea to run for president on his experiences with September's Orientation Week. "O-week was one of the better experiences I've had in my life. I think I have a feel for where people are coming from," he said.

Chris Connelly, a third-year psychology student, Tan's roommate and a member of his campaign team, said he saw evidence of Tan's leadership abilities during O-week. "I had a lot of faith in him. I knew he could do it."

"All in all, I think SzeJack will do a great job representing students," said current USC President Ian Armour. Armour added he will stress to Tan the importance of continuing with traditions of past presidents, such as maintaining a strong devotion to Western students.

"He's got a lot of relevant experience and a good understanding of how the university works – we saw a lot of his leadership abilities with Orientation Week," Armour said. "SzeJack should be prepared for the most exhilarating, challenging, enjoyable and rewarding experience of his life."

USC presidential election results

John Botting 285
Emily Chung 231
Joey Hammill 256
Perry Monaco 173
Nurup Naimji 179
Kalev Suurkask 93
SzeJack Tan 1,728
Stephen Zolis 393
Total 3,338

* unofficial results

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