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Friday, February 12, 1999


Tan blows away competition in presidential victory

Western sees student application onslaught

Police bug for more city dollars

Newfoundland students push free tuition idea

No sore election losers

Candidate results

Putting investing into student terms

No sore election losers

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NOT QUITE A COME FROM BEHIND VICTORY. Above, Perry Monaco and Joey Hammill came out on the losing end of the election but still managed to have a little fun. Below, 18-year-old Kalev Suurkask wouldn't have been able to celebrate too hard if he had been victorious.

Despite SzeJack Tan's overwhelming victory in last night's election, none of the remaining seven candidates were sour about the results.

Instead, many of the candidates were looking towards the future by announcing their intention to run for a vice-president position for the University Students' Council.

After the votes were tallied, John Botting had no regrets about running for USC president. "We ran a high energy campaign," he said. "I set out to achieve certain things. I feel I achieved them."

Botting said he will now re-focus and pursue a vice-president position within the USC for next year but would not disclose which office he would seek. He added he would have no problems working under Tan and praised the president-elect for his victory.

Emily Chung said she was surprised with the results but was pleased with her campaign performance. "I put in a lot less time and money than other candidates did."

She said she too is considering running for a vice-president position.

Despite the results, Joey Hammill said his campaign was excellent and he supported the winner. "I think SzeJack will do a great job."

He added he was unsure about his intentions to run for a vice-president position for the USC. "It is under heavy consideration but nothing has been decided yet."

Perry Monaco said he was not too surprised by the numbers. "I'm happy for SzeJack and I think the school has a great president." He added he would not have done anything differently in his campaign, but he wished student involvement had played a larger role.

"I didn't campaign by the book because I didn't believe in it," he said. "I relied on my forum presence and unfortunately for me, turnouts at the forums were really low."

Nurup Naimji said students should be proud to have someone like Tan representing them. "I think there is a leader in SzeJack Tan and Western students obviously felt that."

Kalev Suurkask said he was satisfied with the election because he did everything he had to do. "It was great. I learned a lot and followed my beliefs, whether they were right or wrong, I followed them."

Stephen Zolis said he was happy where he stood and content with the election's results. "The voters have had their say. I'm proud to be second – it's a great accomplishment."

He added if given a chance, he would not have changed a thing. "I never had to not be me," he said, adding he preferred speaking in detail to fewer people as opposed to handing out impersonal flyers.

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