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Friday, February 12, 1999


Warriors get spiked in semi

Hoopsters get a tune-up

Consistency left in London

Warriors get spiked in semi

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DON'T BURN YOURSELF ON THE COLES. Mustang Andrew Coles (11) laid the smack down on Windsor to advance to the Ontario West finals.

By John Intini

Gazette Staff

The Mustang men's volleyball team disbanded the visiting Waterloo Warriors Tuesday night in the Ontario West division semi-final with complete control of the centre court to earn themselves a trip to the Western division final.

"We kept them out of the middle and we did a great job controlling the tempo of the game," said Mustang head coach Dave Preston.

The Mustangs, who finished atop the West standings, took the three set match in quick fashion (15-6, 15-12, 15-6) and will now face Laurier in the division finals.

"After Saturday I was afraid the guys may hit the snooze button again," Preston said, referring to the team's weekend loss to Guelph. "Luckily we didn't and the guys really came out to play."

One of Preston's biggest worries coming into the game was the poor defence his club exhibited over the weekend. Blocking and digging was especially important in this contest since Waterloo had their two top guns returning to the line-up, right–side player Jeff Lingard and middle Jason Hubbard. Both missed last week's game due to injury.

"Both of those guys bring so much to the floor and we were forced this week to play through them," Preston said. "We put J.J. [Jeremy Jonckheere] on Hubbard and he came up with some big blocks. He also had a huge kill that seemed to knock the sails out of Jason's game."

Preston described his team's serving game as one of their best serving matches of the year – something Hanes could not disagree with.

"Their serving was great [Tuesday] and was definitely the difference in the game," Hanes said. "It kept us off balance and didn't allow us to pressure them. It also caused our passing game to break down."

Hanes added he was disappointed after the loss but admitted his club lacked the presence of the much larger Western club.

"We didn't do what we had to do to win," Hanes said. "On paper and physically they should beat us. The Guelph game proved they're not unbeatable but tonight they played a great game."

Hubbard, who missed last week's meeting with Western because of a dislocated shoulder, refused to admit his team lacked the ability to beat Western. Instead, the Waterloo co-captain said it was simply a question of Western having a better night. "They came up big when they had to," Hubbard said. "We played them tough but I guess it just wasn't enough."

Laurier comes to town today for the West division final. Tonight's game will be the first in a best of three series and will get underway at 8 p.m..

Preston said the key will be controlling the Golden Hawks' big man Ryan Brown. "If we can shut down their Brown the rest of the team will fall into place."

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