Volume 92, Issue 78

Tuesday, February 16, 1999


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Cooking with Pravda

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Cooking with Pravda

Generally, making toast is not a difficult ordeal. The slices of bread are placed in the appropriate slots, a button is pressed and in minutes the product is there to enjoy.

The same can be said about laying out a page of election candidates in newsprint. The content, already pre-written, is placed in the appropriate slot, a couple of computer keys are hit and voila – a page of informative text to aid students in picking the best people to lead Western is created.

To screw up something as simple as making toast would take mistakes of moronic proportions. Anyone who has evolved to the point where they have opposable thumbs can usually be trusted to accomplish such a task.

In last Wednesday's issue of Pravda, a list of candidates for the presidential and divisional faculty elections was printed, to make sure students could make an informed choice when filling out their ballots. However, the issue contained a number of errors, including pictures which didn't match profiles and names which didn't match the position they were running for. Anyone who read Pravda to improve their knowledge walked away misinformed.

Apparently, some of the members of the University Students' Council aren't very good at making toast.

As a result of these careless mistakes, Western's media, information and technoculture program will have to hold another election after slack week to determine accurate election results. The cost of this re-election will come directly out of the USC. While it's very noble of them to take responsibility for their actions – when money is taken out of the USC, it might as well be taken directly out of the students' pockets.

The election issue ofPravda,, which is funded by student money, was supposed to act as a public service. However, the repercussions of it hitting campus news stands only acted as a public disservice. Not only were readers mislead, but even when the election is re-held, there's no way of knowing whether the final results may have been different had this incident not occurred. If students pay for a publication, to further charge them for its own idiocy is an insult.

The real tragedy of this embarrassing scenario is it was completely avoidable. The mistakes and miscalculations which Pravda made were so glaring, it's impossible to believe one quick proof read wouldn't have caught them.

Congratulations, Pravda, for single-handedly screwing up the election version of toast. Students be wary, the next thing on the Pravda menu might be Kraft Dinner.

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