Volume 92, Issue 78

Tuesday, February 16, 1999


Election results not final yet

High rising plans modified

Safety changes put in motion

Mt. Allison back at work after more than three weeks off

Neighbours to consult on mastering plan

Singing for the scroll

Heating things up with ice


Caught on campus


Playing smart, playing safe

Safety will be the week long focus of events in the atrium of the University Community Centre starting today.

Collin Clarke, campus safety commissioner for the University Students' Council, said this week is the second of two events held throughout the year in hopes of promoting safety not only around campus but throughout the community as well.

Clarke said the three main themes which surround the week include safe sex practices, alcohol awareness as well as personal safety against violence.

"The main thing we want to do is promote safety – it's just in time for the break so people can have a safe and enjoyable holiday," he said.


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