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Tuesday, February 16, 1999


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Re: Don't believe everything you hear, Feb. 11

To the Editor:

As a member of the journalistic community, I am sure that you are aware what the local radio stations were reporting the morning of the "stabbing" incident at Saugeen: that a student was awakened in the middle of the night, was bound, gagged, stabbed and his room set on fire.

It was also stated counsellors would be on hand to help students deal with the trauma and the university even issued a statement that Western was shocked and saddened by the incident and were concerned about the student who was attacked and his family and friends. It wasn't until a day later that it was confirmed the "victim's" wounds were self-inflicted.

So excuse us, the poor uninformed population, of believing what we heard on the radio and being concerned for campus safety.

Furthermore, you said that people "like to hear and believe" stories such as this one. I think I speak on behalf of the majority of the Western community in saying that nobody wants to think that safety in our excellent residence system could be compromised in this way. The story didn't make it into the paper (even yours) the day after the incident, so some of us who were interested to know the truth about the matter had to go by the radio reports and the university's statement.

There have been many unlikely stories that have circulated for much longer than a day with far less confirmation from the media than this recent Saugeen incident. Did you know that Saugeen was one of David Letterman's top 10 places to get laid?

Erin Jones
BA 1998

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