Volume 92, Issue 79

Wednesday, February 17, 1998


Alumni in da house

USC elections the real loser of race

Lacrosse should be a varsity sport

Riot squad needed for rally


Not unaware

Take the time to open your eyes

Alumni in da house

Re: Poll station ad

To the Editor:

In the Feb. 10 issue of The Gazette, there was a giant ad on the last page of the paper. This as was about the USC elections and where you could vote. There was also a section explaining where voting booths would be placed in each residence.

Here's the deal: I live in Alumni HOUSE. This ad said that there would be a booth in Alumni HALL. I'm not sure who wrote this ad, but they obviously don't know too much about first-year residences. No one lives in Alumni HALL! It's Alumni HOUSE! It's not so much a big deal, but I have pride in where I live and I want others to know that I don't live in Alumni Hall.

Mark Vanpee
Science I

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