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Wednesday, February 17, 1998


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USC elections the real loser of race

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USC elections the real loser of race

Re: USC presidential elections

To the Editor:

Does anyone at the University Students' Council have a brain? I was shocked yet again by professional bumbling of the USC in running the "O-SO-EXCITING" presidential voting this past week.

Let it be known that whomever the "lucky" winner of the election may be (as if anyone cares – really) may in fact, not be the winner at all! Don't stop reading on account of my bitterness – it is legitimate. My disgust stems from my personal voting experience. In five years at Western and working on degree number 2, this was the first year I decided to vote.

My complete lack of faith in the USC was bolstered as I asked for my ballot and flashed my student ID. Basically two things pissed me off. First, the person attending the table stared at my ballot as I filled in the scantron sheet.

During my decision making, the table attendant reached into the box to sign someone's previous ballot, as they'd forgotten to validate it with their initials. This drew my attention away from my ballot, as I was amazed that I was standing in front of a ballot box with a lock on it, completely unlocked and open (probably so that whichever candidate could write faster, could stuff the most ballots)!

What's worse is that the damn box had no slot for paper when it was shut. Then, after my "secret" ballot was cast and placed into the top secret, highly secure container, it hit me. The USC as an organization could run an election as professionally as Mike Tyson could box.

Maybe it was nostalgia kicking in, causing me to cast my first and final ballot at Western, as finally I can distance myself from the USC after graduation this year. It is nice, however, to know that some things, for better or for worse, will remain the same long into the next millennium.

Jeff Tebbens
B.Sc. Physics

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