Volume 92, Issue 79

Wednesday, February 17, 1998


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Lacrosse should be a varsity sport

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Lacrosse should be a varsity sport

Re: Lacrosse will rock you, Feb. 10

To the Editor:

While reading The Gazette the other day, I happily came across an article which echoes the feelings of lacrosse players and fans alike. The unbridled enthusiasm which Mr. Ross showed towards our other national sport gave us all hope.

Unfortunately, Western's varsity sports guru Darwin Semotiuk is singing a different tune. His refusal to give the Western men's field lacrosse team varsity status is appalling.

Maybe if he went to a Toronto Rock game or, god forbid, even one of Western's, he would see lacrosse is the most exciting, fan-friendly sport out there. Guelph, Brock and numerous other universities throughout Ontario have given lacrosse varsity status, yet our shameful administration here at Western still prevents lacrosse from being a university-sanctioned team.

Everyone at Western pays a fee of about $75 towards varsity athletics. Why should lacrosse players have to pay this fee and then go and pay more money because they are not varsity?

It is time for Mr. Semotiuk to get off his high horse and answer the call. The call is for the greatest sport ever created – lacrosse.

Jim Little
Political Science IV

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