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Wednesday, February 17, 1998


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Riot squad needed for rally

Re: Protesters arrested at homeless rally, Feb. 11

To the Editor:

I realize that it's in fashion lately to cast the police as fascists, but your story about the march on Parliament Hill is completely at odds with the facts.

The police did not stop a peaceful march from approaching the parliament buildings – they intervened to stop a group of people committing an assault on a solitary victim. Joe Clark, leader of the Conservative Party, was accosted and assaulted by members of the march, who were angered that Prime Minister Jean Chretien would not meet them.

"Regular" uniformed Ottawa-Carleton Police and RCMP officers responded to this fracas and were in danger of being overcome by the protestors. At that point, the RCMP tactical troop – "riot squad" as it is more commonly known – was deployed and dispersed most of the marchers, while a small number were arrested.

That is the story that every single media source in this country carried last night and printed this morning – what's your excuse?

Mike Foster

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