Volume 92, Issue 79

Wednesday, February 17, 1998


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Not unaware

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Not unaware

Re: Life's tragedies, Feb. 9

To the Editor:

Burning buses? Short-tailed squirrels? Either you were inspired by a bad trip this weekend or you were just trying to show off your writing skills.

Although your efforts to articulate a snarky, demeaning retort may have been comical to some, they technically bore no relevance on my legitimate complaint that some food service staff perform their duties in unsanitary ways.

Furthermore, I resented the implication that I am a naive individual who knows nothing about world tragedy. I am aware, "sweet" Chris, that tragedies do exist. In fact, my family left the country that we were born in due to the civil unrest that exists there and an extended family member was carjacked and shot in the head and through the lung. So, don't assume that I am unaware that the world suffers in a constant state of flux.

However, in your blatant attempt to insult me, you missed one thing. I wasn't complaining about world tragedies, because if I were, I would have a great deal more to say.

I was complaining that food services I paid for were not performed at the level that the London-Middlesex Health Board requires. This, I believe, is a legitimate complaint. Advocating that proper cleansing take place prior to the preparation of food has nothing to do with the evolution of squirrels! Although you may not be overly concerned with basic, proper hygiene, you should be informed that many people are.

Sharon Roberts
Social Science IV

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