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Wednesday, February 17, 1998


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Take the time to open your eyes

Take the time to open your eyes

Re: Unnecessary grunting, Feb. 2

To the Editor:

I'm very disappointed that Mr. Garlock chose to attack me and my friends from the stand point of ignorance and prejudice – preferring to mock the sport that we love rather than confronting us as intelligent people. If he believes that he can shame us into changing our approach to lifting weights, then he clearly does not understand the first thing about who we are.

We are strength athletes who are very passionate about our training. As a novice, I do not see how Mr. Garlock could appreciate what it takes to be successful in our sport.

There is legitimate scientific evidence to show that shouting and grunting with the application of force can significantly increase strength throughout a big lift. But we do not need lab experiments to tell us this – we know from experience that being vocal helps us get the most out of our workouts and this is how we make progress.

The use of grunting is justifiable not only in strength sports such as powerlifting, but in karate, track and field, tennis, volleyball and for that matter, almost all sports that involve short bursts of power. Why is it that this practice is acceptable in other sports, but is frowned upon in strength training?

It is equally contemptible that Mr. Garlock has painted us as inconsiderate ogres when he himself has not shown the slightest consideration for us. The truth is that we are probably some of the most personable guys to use the gym, as we are always polite and friendly toward the other patrons. The Western community should be proud of campus recreation's capacity to accommodate everyone, whatever their goals may.

So I ask Mr. Garlock, as well as anyone who is of a similar opinion, to keep an open mind. You never know, you might actually learn something.

Conor Kelly
Philosophy IV

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