Volume 92, Issue 80

Thursday, February 18, 1999


The Concrete Beat

Kicking cubicles in the ass

Currie spices up art vs. commerce debate

Space flick for beings of all sizes

Celebrity sighting

Underground sound

Diviners play with poison

Corporate greed at Sineplex


Celebrity sighting

©Michael Longstaff/Gazette

Fame is the spice of life and Scary Spice can attest to that. Also known as Mel B., the Spicy sensation was running around campus causing trouble and promoting "girl power." Eye witnesses report she was getting what she really really wants – which apparently is to zig-a-zig-a – whatever that means. Some reports say she may leave the group to come to Western but others say it is fourth-year political science and French student Vanessa Jubenot. Another celebrity sighting will go unconfirmed. If you spot any celebrity look-alikes out there come up to The Gazette and join the beat.

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