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Thursday, February 18, 1999


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Apology made for election errors

By Mark Brown
Gazette Staff

Frustration. This was the sentiment shared by many of the councillors who took last night's University Students' Council meeting as an opportunity to demand answers for problems with last week's election.

Due to a number of errors, two councillors were mistakenly declared unofficial winners while the faculty of media, information and technoculture has to run a by-election because of mix-ups in Pravda, the USC's promotional newspaper.

Although apologies by Warren Tilston, the communications officer and USC President Ian Armour were given to the council, several members demanded more action. Several of the councillors wanted the USC to take a more proactive approach including punitive action and reforming the elections policy, stating that students deserve better.

Michael Rubinoff, undergraduate student representative on the Board of Governors, said he gives credit to Tilston for taking the responsibility for his actions but he wondered why no disciplinary action was taken against those responsible.

Any other corporation would reprimand those who screwed up and the USC is no different, Rubinoff said. He added he was also upset that results known to be wrong were released for publication. "We put erroneous election results out – to me that is a disaster."

Armour disagreed. "We had to print something," he said, adding the results released were clearly marked unofficial.

Jeff Clayman, a student senator and president of the Jewish Students' Union, also protested the way the election was handled. "I really don't think apologies are enough on a long-term basis.

"How do we know this won't happen again?" he asked.

"There are no guarantees," Armour responded. He said he was happy with the election up until the error in Pravda. "If people are dissatisfied with that then I'm sorry."

This year's chief returning officer Johnathan Coe, who took the position mid-term, said he did not have answers for all of the problems which occurred during the election but added he is currently working on what he hopes will be solutions to those problems when he writes his final report.

One of the things Coe said he would like to conduct is a feasibility study into the current use of a Scantron machine to count ballots.

After several re-counts of the official results, released yesterday, there were two instances where there were noticeable changes, both in the faculty of science, Coe said. Elizabeth Dipchand and Brian Laski were voted in as science councillors not Romilla Karnick and Dan Shapiro as the original results stated.

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