Volume 92, Issue 80

Thursday, February 18, 1999


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Appreciate King's

Re: Shooting blanks, Feb. 9

To the Editor:

This letter is to express discontent with The Gazette's depiction of King's College in the University Students' Council presidential candidate evaluation in the Feb. 9 edition.

For those Western students who are not aware, The Gazette was writing about USC presidential hopeful and King's College student, Steve Zolis. While reviewing Mr. Zolis' experience, The Gazette dismissed it as, "limited to King's College." Subsequently, The Gazette assessed Mr. Zolis a lower mark in this category. It is this ignorant attitude that I would like to address.

This situation is not about the USC presidential election, this issue is about The Gazette and how they depict King's College. As the member of the King's College Students' Council who is entrusted with the duty of promoting the KCSC and its constituents, it troubles me to find The Gazette so hurtful to our college.

By giving Mr. Zolis a lower mark in experience because his involvement is limited to King's suggests some extracurricular activities are more important than others. In this case, that extracurricular activities at main campus are better than those at King's.

The last time I checked, King's students paid the same amount of money in fees as main campus students. This would suggest, rightfully so, that all students who hold a University of Western Ontario student card are equal. Then why is it that The Gazette feels the need to prioritize groups, councils and clubs?

The fact is, The Gazette devalued what we do at King's and it was not appreciated. Just because The Gazette has a virtual monopoly on print media on campus does not mean they can practice careless journalism.

Mark Mathieson
Public Relations Coordinator
King's College Students' Council

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