Volume 92, Issue 80

Thursday, February 18, 1999


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Good turnout

Good turnout

Re: Westminster presidential forum

To the Editor:

On Feb. 8, a presidential forum was held at Westminster College. The candidates were good enough to come out, but apparently the media had better things to do. Fourty residents, that is 24 per cent of our population, felt the forum was worthwhile. We understand this turnout to be higher than all previous forums with the exception of Delaware Hall.

As Perry Monaco pointed out, the campaign was not over yet and should not have been treated as such. Was the lack of media coverage owing to the forum's location or to the fact that only one day of campaigning remained – or both? We laughed, they laughed, we tried our best to make them cry and we learned that with any of these individuals at the helm, the USC would be in good hands.

Thank you Joey, Nurup, SzeJack, Steve, Perry, John, Kalev and Emily for making time for us. It's too bad the media couldn't do the same for you.

Sarah Glassford
History/English II
Jennifer Sullivan
Science I
Jennifer Wiseman
Health Science I

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